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Firmware Solutions Inc.

About Us


With a combined experience of over 130 years of professional engineering design and implementation, our team of senior engineers has solved some of the most challenging problems for major corporations and government agencies. 



Representative Customers:

Honeywell, Motorola, Arizona State University, Campbell Scientific, Ford Motors, General Motors, Nippon Steel, Boeing, Orbital Sciences,  Allied Signal, Apogen/Qinetiq

Development Partners


 Advanced Fluid Actuation:  

(480) 491-2394

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What We Do

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Development of an award-winning self-guided parafoil system that uses GPS to deliver payloads accurately and autonomously.


Development of an Iridium Satellite Communications product for worldwide tracking of valuable cargo.


Development of an Automated Test Stand for high-performance valves and actuators.


Development of a novel weather balloon system that forecasts balloon trajectories using available government weather data, and then automatically manuevers the balloon to the optimum altitude to take advantage of the available winds.







  • Code Reviews/Audits

  • Design Reviews 

  • Feasibility Studies 

  • Component Selection 

  • System Architecture 

  • Technology Roadmaps 

  • Build Verifications/Configuration Management 

  • Software Licensing Implementation and Management

  • Monte Carlo Simulations 

  • Project Management

Training Courses

  • Coding in C for maintainability and re-use
  • Firmware development best practices
  • Developing Firmware for: ARM9, ARM-Cortex, 8051 (Silicon Labs), Power-PC


Sometimes it is more valuable to turn down work than to accept it. If our team does not have a good fit of experience, capabilities, or time to meet your project requirements, we will assist you in finding other sources of technical help. 


We also do not believe in re-inventing the wheel, so if you come to us with a design challenge, and we know of something already on the market that will meet your needs, we will steer you in that direction.